The more you get “like” the more popular you are October 18, 2015


Today, the young generation do not have any time schedule for being active on the social network. The only time they are not online is when they are sleeping. This has become an addiction of sorts. To cater to their fancy, there are a host of social media network sites freely available on the internet. This has become the only mode of communication for the younger generation. The art of letter writing and storing photo albums have become a thing of the past now. Facebook and Instagram are examples of two sites that have invaded every young mind in today’s world. It is seldom that you would find a person not active in Facebook. In fact it has been jocularly mentioned that if Facebook were a country, it would have been the third most populous country in the world and by far the most connected. Instagram too cannot be far behind in this category. Instagram scores over Facebook in the fact that one can share photographs with one’s friends and edit them as well to one’s liking.

One advantage of these sites is that information sharing technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Instagram has a facility where one can express his liking to a particular photograph. The more the likes, the more is the possibility of the photo being viewed by a majority of people. This has made many persons buy likes on instagram which artificially boosts their likes and thus enhances their visibility in the social media platform. Enterprising entrepreneurs have taken cue and have started selling likes on the internet. In today’s world you can make a living out of selling anything as there seems to be a market for anything and everything in this world. This is one way of boosting one’s image on the social media platform.

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