The holy ship – Quran December 20, 2015

The sacred book of Islam-The Quran is believed to be written by Prophet Mohammed as it was narrated to him by Allah. Muslims believe the Quran was originally written in different verses and the followers of Prophet Mohammed then compiled it together. Many of them even memorized the verses it is still believed that the Quran should be memorized. Learning Quran online is the new phase of holy learning.

The teachings of this Holy book take you towards a life full of wisdom and loyalty. If your life is considered as a sea which can turn into a stormy monster at one time and a peaceful angel at other, then Quran is the ship which helps you to sail through both the situations of life.

Islam is based on the messages and verses or ayahs given in this holy book .Originally written in Arabic, it is now available in many languages around the world even for the Muslims who are Non Arabic. Like any other sacred book of any religion Quran basically teaches you to be grounded, helpful and wise. Reciting the verses and memorizing them the Tajweed way is said to be obligatory for every Muslim. Tajweed is the set of rules which helps you with correct pronunciation of various words of Quran based on Arabic.

Young or old, man or woman, possessing sound knowledge of the Holy Book is considered as an important part of Islam. Quran knows no barriers and with growing technological innovations Quran is reaching out to people who cannot reach out to find a hafiz and wish to learn Quran .It can be learnt in any language. If one wishes to seek solace in Allah and feel his presence in this life and after, then learning it the correct way and reciting it the way Prophet Mohammed would have recited is the sole sacred path towards it.

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