The ways to defrost chicken October 2, 2015

Frosting chicken is a very easy process. But the real task is defrosting the chicken. Defrosting can be done in many ways. We shall now discuss how to defrost chicken. You can defrost chicken in the refrigerator or by using cold water. You can also defrost the chicken with the help of your microwave. It is said that the fastest way to defrost chicken or any kind of meat is taking help of the microwave. You must be careful whey you defrost the chicken in the microwave as there is huge probability that the chicken does not get properly defrosted in the microwave. If the chicken or the meat does not get defrosted properly, it can cause diseases and allergy to the one who consumes it. We shall now discuss how to defrost chicken using your microwave.


  • First of all you must take out the chicken from the freezer in its store packaging and let it come to the room temperature. Be very careful that initially when you frost the chicken you must keep the store packaging on.


  • Then after the chicken has reached the room temperature take off the plastic packing from it before placing it into the microwave. Plastics can melt and produce toxins in the microwave therefore be careful to remove it before placing the chicken in the microwave. Place the chicken in a good microwave safe tray or plate.


  • You must read your microwave oven manual when you defrost the chicken in it. In your microwave you can find the exact temperature and time which is take to defrost the chicken I your particular microwave. After reading from the manual, follow the instructions and place the chicken in the microwave for the instructed time.


  • Next up take out the chicken after the times goes up and immediately start cooking it because the cooking process has already started in the microwave.
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