Venus Factor Review: Welcome to a community! November 2, 2015

Many weight loss programs have tried to use a community to encourage successful goals. Whether Weight Watchers or TV shows like “The Biggest Loser,” most people find that once they’ve lost the weight, they either have to pay to stay part of a community or even worse, they find themselves left with no community at all.

Here’s the real deal: losing weight is an intensely personal experience, and it can be all too easy to isolate because you are so focused on your own goals.

It would be ideal if spouses and/or friends could fill this need for a community of support, but the reality is, they don’t understand what you’re going through! Especially with a lifestyle overhaul like the Venus Factor, you are changing so many things about the way your body works that it’s almost essential to keep in touch with others in the program.

That’s why one of the greatest tools in the total wellness program of the Venus Factor is the community of like-minded women across the globe who are just like you. They struggle with weight, they want to give in to sugar cravings, and they have hope that this will finally end their problems.

The Venus Factor requires a great deal of motivation and dedication on your part, as there is no room to cheat, and there are no shortcuts. What this global connection does is give you space to vent and share tips and ideas in forums, find answers to technical questions, and even listen to real women share their stories of success.

You don’t have to suffer from excess weight, and you certainly shouldn’t be lonely on your quest to lose weight, which is why you’ll find most Venus Factor review posts to mention the community factor as a way to keep up motivation and to realize goals.

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