How to Display a PDF on a Digital Photo Frame December 8, 2015

Many years ago, a digital photo frame is something that you would see in a futuristic television show. Well, guess what- the future is here and these frames are commonplace. More and more people are starting to use them so that they don’t have to choose the photos they display. After all, we’re living in a shutterbug time- everyone is constantly snapping pictures (usually with their smartphones). In the future, perhaps they’ll be more versatile- but for now, most of them will only display JPEG files. So, if you have a PDF that you want to display on your frame from you’ll need to be a bit creative.

First of all, you must start by figuring out which file type (or types) your frame does support. As mentioned, most of them only support JPEG. However, some of the more advanced ones can support TIFF, BMP, and PNG- as well as video formats.

Now, you will want to convert your PDF to an image file. There are some that only support conversion to certain file types, so do a quick internet search to find the software that you need. If the PDF file has multiple pages, each page will be converted into a separate image file.

If you convert your PDF into any image file type besides JPEG, you can always use your Microsoft Paint software to convert to JPEG very easily.

So, while in the future, these frames may be more versatile, at this time, they only support image files for display. Some of the frames do support audio and video files as well. You can easily add music or other sound to your slideshow or even play some cute videos. If you’re looking to buy a new digital photo frame for yourself or someone else, consider for all your frame needs.

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