4 Essentials When Backpacking Thailand April 11, 2016

If you are getting ready for a backpacking Thailand trip, then you are probably planning a long list of items that need to be carried into your pack. While essentials like clothing and snacks are in the forefront, there are a few luxury style essentials that can make a difference in your overall travelling experience.


·    Portable charger. Portable chargers come in many shapes and sizes and can be used to charge a variety of devices. You may want to use it to charge your music player, cellular device, or even a small space heater.

·    Portable cooking device. Just because you are backpacking doesn’t mean you should be limited to premade snacks or ready-to-eat meals. Small cooking devices are available today which ignite on their own, can be fueled by small pieces of kindling, and can even be used to charge your devices and provide heat as well as cook meals. Foods that are freeze-dried, for example, can be added to these cooking devices and rehydrated for quick and easy soups or other meals that don’t take up a lot of space in your pack.

·    Maps of the area. Despite the technological world that we live in, nothing beats having an old-school map. This is beneficial because it will give you a better lay of the land than a standard GPS can. This is especially important if you are navigating into an area where the map on the GPS may not be currently updated to your surroundings.

·    Thai Language Quick Book. The language barrier can be extremely frustrating anytime you are traveling. Carrying around a language book that has quick references tab will make it easier for you to convey your message. Whether you are trying to find directions, ordering a meal at a restaurant, or simply looking for help, making sure that you can properly communicate with the locals is an important part of successful travel.

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