Best beauty gifts you can choose for a woman September 17, 2015

Cosmetics or gifting beauty products is probably the best way to make women happy. Beauty products are those care substances which are used for enhancing appearance of body parts. It is a general mixture of a few chemical compounds mixed together to create the product. Some ofcourse are derived from natural non-toxic or non-chemical sources, may be synthetics which are comparatively harmless to use. Beauty products are mainly used for cleansing, purifying, altering and beautifying looks.

Cosmetics include lotions, perfumes, lipsticks, concealer, nail paints, contact lenses, hair colors, lip gloss, moisturizers, hand sanitizers, deodorants, hair sprays and many more. All of these products packed together in one kit makes a makeup set. These primarily coloring products are commonly used by women (some on daily purpose) to alter their dull appearance. Manufacturers make a certain distinction between care cosmetics and primary decorative cosmetics. A makeup kit is an affordable and a perfect gift for anniversary, birthdays and other such occasions. These are rather cost effective than jewelries. Cosmetics and these utility products are characterized as:


  • Primer: it acts as a base and conditions the skin. It is mainly used for reducing pore size appearance on the face, allowing smoother application of makeup.
  • Lip wear: usually lipsticks and glosses are used to give an attractive look on the face. But for the ones who consider lip protection and looks as well can opt a colored lip balm with SPF protection. A wide range of colors are available in lip balm collection.
  • Concealer: it is a makeup cover that hides uneven skin tone. Different skin tone concealer is available for people with different skin color. To avoid that imperfection on the skin and to cover those extra blemishes on the face, concealer can be used.
  • Foundation: to give a smooth and shiny look on the face, a foundation is used. It is a liquid cream that smoothens out covering uneven coloration on the skin. For the ones who avoid direct use of foundation on the face can mix it with moisturizer or a cream to give that smooth finish.

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